Why your email marketing needs a strategy

You really need to understand your audience to capture their attention. You need to resonate with them, and you need to show you understand them.

When I did my teacher training back in 2001, one turning point for me was when the lecturer said, ‘Step back to when you didn’t know what you know now’. In other words, think about all you have learned on the way to knowing what you know today about the service you provide. Imagine your audience are now where you were then.

You’re going to teach them, impart your knowledge, share your expertise, and show them that you are the person they can trust with their money and business.

You’re almost going to teach them that they can do it all themselves – and some will – but lots won’t because they don’t have time, can’t adapt to doing the things that you do, or just can’t be bothered with it all. That’s great – because they are the ones who’ll buy your services after becoming convinced you’re the expert.

Consider having some sort of series people can follow – it helps you to manage the relationship and stops you having to talk to all of your audience at once. For example, if you are a social media manager, your series could start with the basics, and then lead them through subsequent tips on how to really grow an engaged paying audience. If your business is copywriting, you could start the series by teaching people how to find their voice, and then throw out valuable content each and every week to help them fully establish it.

Your aim is to build relationships, not to sell to someone as soon as they sign up to your newsletter. You’re also not selling clothes, so we’re not getting people to sign up with the promise of a ‘10% discount code’. Nope.

Only send a newsletter when you have something valuable to say. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your audience aren’t going to be sitting there every other Tuesday waiting for your newsletter to arrive at 10am. If anything, your audience will be waiting to hit unsubscribe if it’s another newsletter from you that’s as dull as dishwater and ruining their (every other) Tuesday.

Show you’re the expert, add value, teach / impart knowledge, but lead people to how they can work with you, too.

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