Why I said no

Why I said no

I recently had the most fantastic opportunity to work virtually with an international entrepreneur, who found me via LinkedIn! It would’ve paid the bills for quite a few months, but the project was outside of my comfort zone, so I knew I couldn’t deliver as well as someone who had the influential international contacts he needed.

So, I said no. But should I have tried to wing it?

I didn’t choose to become a Virtual Assistant for the money, although it is of course needed in order to survive and pay my Microsoft Office subscription, I did it so I can continue to enjoy every day; doing what I am good at and using those skills to make my client’s lives a little easier.

Saying yes in the above instance would have undoubtedly cost the client more time and money while I tried to forge international relationships with people whose doors I couldn’t even reach to knock on! It would’ve also questioned my integrity and blighted the reputation of other Virtual Assistants – something we should all consider.

By working within our area of expertise Virtual Assistants can:

  • ✓ keep our promise of allowing our client’s more time to spend on their business
  • ✓ elevate and promote working with a Virtual Assistant
  • ✓ create opportunities for collaboration with other Virtual Assistants
  • ✓ maintain our integrity


You can of course extend your skills; I do regularly and then I practice and practice until I am confident I can offer it as an additional service – but when you’re promoting saving your client’s money by not charging for sick pay, holiday pay, pensions, tax, etc. you certainly shouldn’t be learning on the job.

So, Yes, you can achieve anything you set your mind to, but not at the expense of others. Be realistic, be honest.

‘Don’t play the game if you don’t know the rules’