Event Speaker

(Virtual or In Person)

‘Your talk was incredible. And what a great following you have. You are hugely inspiring.’

‘Catherine recently was a speaker at our online festival. Catherine absolutely smashed it! She had a full house of people watching her talk about how to be a VA. The delegates commented on her open, honest and sincere talk. She was very encouraging while sharing the reality of starting out. People left the talk feeling inspired and with a clear view on what is involved and how to get started. Catherine’s talk has gone on to be our number 1 watched replay from all our sessions so far. Thank you Catherine, incredibly inspiring for people trying to start out on their own.’ 

Looking for an inspirational speaker for your next event?


I can inspire, encourage, motivate and engage a crowd.

Topics I’d like to share with your audience include:

All enquiries, email: catherine@catherineonline.co.uk / call: 0787 233 9198