Three ways you can build your mailing list using your free Facebook group

If you have, or are thinking about starting a free Facebook group to lead people to your products or services there are three things you can do now to get those people ‘off’ the borrowed platform, which is owned by someone else, and onto your mailing list, which is owned by you!

What do I mean?

Well, Facebook isn’t yours! They could shut it down at any given moment – although it’s highly unlikely, but it could happen and you’d have zero recourse.

There could also be some sort of ‘glitch’ and your group or business page could be hacked, or disappear completely, and we all know how hard, sorry impossible, it can be to contact a human at Facebook. Even the robots are always on long breaks.

So, you need to be building your audience away from ‘borrowed’ platforms too; and one way to do this is to get people onto your mailing list so you can contact them at any time.

Here are three ways to build your mailing list using your free Facebook group

Ask for it!

If you’re not currently utilising the three questions you can ask people before they’re allowed into your group, start now! Make one of those questions; ‘We’d like to share our news tips and advice with you, please leave your email address here (you can access and read our privacy policy on the website‘.

You can then add their email address to your newsletter list and contact them.

No, they don’t need to opt in in the UK, please check the government website for this and stop listening to Dave down the chippy for advise on how GDPR works. And while double opt in may help reduce robots signing up, I’ve never had a robot sign up to my list and have never used double opt in – it’s a barrier and a nuisance.

Answer common questions

Second idea. Think about the questions that routinely come up in your free Facebook group. In small business groups, the same questions come up time and again, like ‘what laptop should I get’ or ‘my client hasn’t paid, what can I do next?’ .

Make a list of the common questions your group, or general audience, ask and answer them in a free download, which they can access in exchange for their email address!

Include your group members in your newsletter

The third way is to put a generic post in the Facebook group with a link for people to sign up to your newsletter, at least once a month. Entice them to do so by letting them know what they missed in last month’s edition, or last week – however often you send a newsletter.

Bonus tip: mention your members in the newsletter so it gives them a reason to read it. Share their tips, wins and perhaps even sell some advertising space? People love to look out for themselves. And it will generate conversation in your group.

Good luck building your list.

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