Why social media should be part of your event planning

There’s so much to think about when planning any event:

  • Date – are there any clashes with similar events? Will people be in the town on that day?
  • Times – what are the best times to hold such an event?
  • Audience – who?
  • Food and drinks – dietary options, alcohol (licences) / no alcohol, teas / coffees – milk, soya milk, water – lemons?
  • Invitations – save the date invites or just straight in with an invitation? And then a reminder nearer the date!
  • Graphics – what does the brand look like?
  • Transport – what routes will people need to know to get there? Train, plane, car and foot and alternatives in case of any emergencies.
  • Venue – size, light, air quality, flow of footfall, refreshments, parking, resources, etc


Exhausted yet? We’ve only just begun. One thing that’s going to reach a wider audience is social media, are you ready?

You are going to need to create excitement way before the event (at least 6 months in my experience as busy people have busy lives), as well as during (yes, live) and after.

Here are some things to add to your planning:

  • Create a hashtag – use it everywhere (website, social media, email signature. Hell; even say it when you answer the phone!).
  • Love the event – when you love something it’s so easy for others to love it too.
  • Build a relationship with your supporters / sponsors – tag them in whenever you can and hopefully they’ll share/retweet your posts and you’ll reach their audience too.
  • Ask delegates if you can tag them in on posts too; again you’ll have an opportunity to reach their audience and make them feel special.
  • Share successes of past events, testimonials, happy photos.
  • Invite conversations ‘what are you looking forward to doing at “our event name and hashtag”
  • Create an offer – whether that’s early bird ticket prices, or free pens. Everyone likes something in return.
  • Regularly remind people what, where and when the event is


My biggest bug bear with events is spamming, and I know I am not alone, so if you have a mailing list to encourage people to attend make sure you’re efficient with removing anyone who’s registered. Delegates want to feel welcome and wanted!