FreeAgent Accredited Partner Swindon Wiltshire Bookkeeper

It’s not easy keeping on top of your bookkeeping when you’re single-handedly running a business, is it?


You understandably want to focus on the tasks that bring the money in.

You’d rather forget about that company that owes you money, they’ll never pay up.

There are too many invoices to go through to see if everyone’s paid.

You’re sure you paid that supplier, but you’ll just pay them again as they’re hassling.

You get to year end and wonder how the hell the tax bill is that much?


I don’t need to tell you that keeping on top of your bookkeeping enables you to see, at any time, how the finances are. It helps to keep those who owe you money in your sights and also takes the massive headache out of year-end accounts, but where are you supposed to find the time when you’re doing everything else in the business?

I am based in Swindon, Wiltshire and work with clients all over the UK taking away their bookkeeping hassles. Clients send me their receipts, invoices and instructions via email and I do the rest to make sure everything is in order for your tax return.

Easy Pricing

My bookkeeping service includes:

  • Profit and loss statements as required
  • Monthly reconciliation (matching all invoices and receipts to bank transactions)
  • Maintain log of expenses
  • Chasing debtors (those who owe you money!)
  • The number of ‘monthly transactions’ (listed below) includes debits, credits and invoices you need raised.


If you work with me as your bookkeeper and use FreeAgent, as a FreeAgent Partner, I can get you 30% off your annual subscription! Saving you £60+ a year on the FreeAgent software.

My bookkeeping charges are as follows, and are in addition to your software costs:

1 – 50 monthly transactions: £70 per month

51 – 100 monthly transactions: £140 per month

101 – 200+ monthly transactions: £280 per month

AAT2 qualified (distinction), accredited FreeAgent partner and supervised by HMRC for anti-money laundering – see here.

Bookkeepers do not replace the need for an accountant and you remain accountable for your own finances.

You Want To Do Your Bookkeeping Yourself?


Oh, okay then. I can show you how to use FreeAgent with my special training account – cus I’m a FreeAgent partner. Did I mention that?

Anyway, an hour is all we’ll need maximum so book your Zoom call with me here for £95 and I’ll take you through everything you need to know to run FreeAgent yourself.

No jargon. No overwhelm.