Mailchimp is awful, it’s rubbish, it goes into spam, no one opens it… No, it’s probably just your content, the subject headings or – I will admit – their help pages are less than helpful. If you don’t want to learn another platform but know you need to speak to and nurture your audience then I can do it all for you.


Fed up of sitting at your kitchen table until midnight at year end, despite promising yourself you’d keep on top of your accounts? Let me take care of your small business bookkeeping, wherever you are in the UK. And, don’t apologise for the state of it – the messier it is, the better I look when I get it into some sort of order.

My 20% Rule

Are you reliant on one or two clients for your income? What if you lost one, or both? What happens to your income and your business then? It happened to me early on in my business and I decided there and then that it wouldn’t happen again. In my next book, The 20% Rule, I help you work towards having a safe sustainable business.

Power Hours

Every week I spend time with people just like you to help them navigate their way through Mailchimp, to optimise it so it works for their business, set it up, suggest improvements (you know you don’t need double opt-in in the UK, right?). Whatever you need support with, with Mailchimp, I can help. One hour, you and me, via Zoom.

Buy My Book

How to be a Virtual Assistant is the award winning, bestseller that I wrote and self published in 2018. Its success has surpassed my wildest expectations, it’s even been Number 1 above Seth Godin and Simon Sinek in the Small Business Books category. It’s available worldwide on Amazon, Kindle and Audible.


I’ve been speaking since I was two but these days it’s a little more coherent. Whether your event is virtual or in person, I can inspire your audience with a variety of topics, inc; How to avoid famine as a freelancer with my 20% Rule and How to future proof your business should life get in the way. I’m here to inspire your audience.