How to use Mailchimp with confidence – webinars


You know you need to get to grips with email marketing and sending a newsletter but where, how, WTF?

As a Mailchimp approved partner, I use Mailchimp for me and my clients, and in these two pre-recorded webinars I show you how to use it too.

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You need an email list, you need to do email marketing.


Because you need somewhere other than social media to talk to your audience, to sell to them, to allow them to get to know you.


Because social media is borrowed - it can go down at anytime. I've known people lose Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and we all know how hard it is to speak to anyone at these places, don't we? They're not going to care that you've lost your only means of talking to your audience, because it's not your audience - it was theirs!

That's two reasons why you need to build an audience away from social media.

And two reasons why my Mailchimp webinars are popular.

I show you how to understand Mailchimp, grasp the jargon, use it with confidence and send a newsletter like you've been doing it years.

I take you from 'WTF?' to 'Watch me fly'.

For £29 I teach you the following in two pre-recorded webinars:

Understanding the jargon
How to create a list
How to create a standard sign up form
How to upload files and images
How to create a campaign
How to create a template
How to send your campaign


How to set up tags
BONUS: How to get around the new pricing
How to send emails to tagged subscribers
How to create an automated sequence of emails
How to create a landing page – and why you might not need to
Merging / combining audiences
BONUS: Combining audiences with automations