Power Hours

What is a Power Hour?

A Power Hour is an hour with me, via Zoom, where I help you get to grips with FreeAgent so you can run your own bookkeeping with ease or Mailchimp so you can build, grow and retain a newsletter audience.


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Email marketing Mailchimp Partner Catherine Gladwyn Swindon Wiltshire UK
FreeAgent Accredited Partner Swindon Wiltshire Bookkeeper

‘I was delighted with how quickly and painlessly Catherine solved all my issues with my WordPress website and Mailchimp. I had spent days on YouTube watching videos that never quite covered what I needed to know. In less than one hour everything was ticked off, and then some.

Catherine is both professional and approachable. She goes the extra mile and I would thoroughly recommend her. I will definitely use her services again.’

Liz Hutson

Growing Healthier

Catherine has helped me get all my accounts in order even down to the last penny! She is very professional, good at her job and I can leave her to maintain my accounts for me knowing that once they have been submitted all will be ok. I can highly recommend, thanks Catherine!!’

Les Slinn

Les Slinn Personal Training

‘After thinking I could handle my bookkeeping myself, I soon realised the error of my ways when I hadn’t updated my accounts package for 5 months. Catherine came to my rescue and calmly sorted everything out with minimal input from me.’

Fay Wallis

Bright Sky Career Coaching

‘I feel much more confident with Mailchimp after our power hour.

I updated the pop up box, and for some reason I also feel more confident with editing my website.

I made changes on it yesterday that I never thought I’d be able to. I finalised my next newsletter and it is ready to go this weekend!’

Michaela Hardt


Please note; my Power Hours are 1:1. If you wish to have a colleague/s on the call with you their attendance will be an additional cost.