Case study: Parish Council social media management

Over the last seven months I’ve been supporting a local Parish Council with their social media. The parish cover a community of 23,000 residents.

In this time there’s been a marked increase in engagement, reach and warmth for everything they do for the community.

Post engagement prior to my arrival was either non-existent, or at worst really quite negative. This was through nothing the organisation were doing for, or in, the community, it was simply the tone of voice of their posts and that they hadn’t identified their audience. They were; shouting in a crowded room.

I love seeing the difference I make, so thought I’d share some figures with you, so you can see how much of a change has happened:

Parish Council Social Media Management

And, best of all I’ve never boosted a post or paid for a Facebook advertisement!

Parish Council Social Media

Engagement over the last five days (Oct 2017)

If you’d like to improve your reach and engagement then I’d love to work with you too.