Keeping warm working from home for less

And you thought working in an office where they decide when to put the heating on was hard work in Winter! What about how cold the house gets when you’ve not got the extra hot air coming out of your annoying colleague in the  Marketing team to deal with?

As winter approaches you might be thinking about ways of keeping warm working from your home office, without breaking the bank. I thought I’d share some of my tips on keeping warm without resorting to spending all your day’s earnings on heating or on tea and cake at the warmest coffee shop.

You might not like the last one, but here goes…..

Invest in a woolly jumper or cardigan

If for no other reason to keep Edinburgh Woollen Mill in business. Does anyone ever actually buy anything from there? I bought my snuggly cardigan, which the postman must think I live in, from BooHoo for £22.50.

A blanket

I don’t know about you, but it’s my feet! They’re either too hot or too cold, but I find if I wrap a blanket around my lower half and feet, I can whip them out when the menopausal hormones start kicking in. I’ve only once stood up with the blanket cocooning me, but I work alone so no one saw the result.

Tea bag (singular)

I drink far too much tea throughout the day and the local Co-op doesn’t always have an offer on, so I stole one of my student daughter’s money saving tips and use one tea bag for two cups of tea! It tastes just as good and I feel rather self righteous (again, that might be menopausal hormones).

Close the doors

Identify the coldest room in your house and banish it. I keep the bathroom door closed as it’s the coldest room and also shut my office door if it gets too chilly.

Turn the bloody plugs off

If your laptop is charged, turn the plug off. Only turn it on again when the battery needs charging. If you like listening to the radio, perhaps listen to it through your laptop, so you don’t have an extra device plugged in.

Every little bit really does help. Honestly!

Okay, I said you might not like the last one, but if you work alone no one will know.

Don’t flush the chain

I don’t flush the chain every time I have a pee and it’s regular given my endless cups of tea. I flush it before the other half gets home, which is sometimes around the same time I’ve put my face on to pretend I’ve been on top of looking human all day.

NB: I’m on a water meter so spending a penny doesn’t have to actually mean spending pennies.