How to name your photo and image files for ease of access

If you’re someone who collects images from all over the place to use at various times then you may be finding it difficult to name them in a way that enables you to locate them easily in the future, and also so you can find images relevant for any purpose.

Here are a few quick things to consider before we look at naming the images:

Where will the image be used? 
Blog, online, print, website, press, Facebook, Twitter

Do you need to credit someone?
This is very important because if you use someone’s image without credit and / or their permission they’re entitled to charge you. Places like Canva or Pixabay are great for free to use images.

What’s in the image?
Is there a coffee cup, laptop, lady, man, dog, sunset, desk? More about that in a minute.

If there are people in the image what emotions are they showing?

Is it a meme, an affirmation, just an image or a bit of both?
For example, is it an image with some text or just an image with nothing else?

Is it time sensitive?
Is it an image with text promoting a sale or an event?

How to name the images

Considering those points above I’ve listed below some images and how you might want to name them:

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Suggested file name: laptop apple desk coffee smoothie spreadsheet notebook credit none

I’ve included all of the items that are prominent in the image so I could do a search on ‘notebook’ and the image would come up, plus for reference, I have noted that there is no credit.

The benefit of listing what it is in the photo helps you to find something relevant in the future.

For the image above I’d consider naming it:
Photowalk advert Expires 7 December 2019 Credit none Image and text

The file name has the event name, event date (so you know when the image can be used by), whether there’s credit and notes that it is image and text so you can differentiate if you have a few for the same event.

By noting the expiry date you know not to use it after that time and, if really brave, you could delete it!

Sometimes you might be looking for a certain emotion. I’ve used the image below a couple of times to promote my book and as a featured image for another of my blog posts, but there’s so much it could be used for as it’s modern and engaging, so I would save it by noting emotions too.

Suggested file name: Laptop coffee window sun lady young happy wistful longing dreaming Credit none

Again I’ve listed what is in the photo, what I see her emotions as representing and again noted that there is no credit.



Have a think about how you’d name this images if you were to save it today but not need it again for 2 years?How much time could a lifestyle manager free up for you?