How to get your first 1k email subscribers

Okay, the biggest thing here is actually being invited to be a guest on Janet Murray’s podcast! Wow, what an opportunity – but what you’re here for is to get some tips on how to grow your email list.

There are many experts out there with amazing advice, but they seem to have thousands on their lists, so it can seem a bit daunting or unachievable to get anywhere close to where they are.

Where do you start?

Is it even worth bothering?

What if you fail?

I’m a small business owner – just like you – and in this podcast episode I share my tips on how I built my list from zero to over 1k

Listen to the episode here.

Below are the podcast shownotes direct from Janet Murray’s website

Podcast shownotes

  • About Catherine Gladwyn and why she set up her business (2:26)
  • Why Catherine had to quickly create an email newsletter list rather than rely on on social media (4:53)
  • How Catherine got people to sign up to her email newsletter list (7:03 )
  • How Catherine used lead magnets to get people to sign up to her email newsletter list (09:23)
  • How to use Mailchimp to segment and tag your email newsletter list (10:53)
  • How Catherine created her lead magnets and why sometimes it’s trial and error (13:00)
  • Catherine’s tips for creating a simple landing page and lead magnet (17:19)
  • How to create a sign up form in Mailchimp to use on your website (23:06)
  • Different strategies Catherine has used to get people to sign up to her email newsletter list (26:14)
  • How to create a successful lead magnet by tapping into the pain points of your clients or customers (31:31)
  • Dealing with people unsubscribing from your email list (and why you shouldn’t take it personally) (35:00)

‘I just wanted to say, I loved listening to this episode and got so much out of it. Thanks for all the great tips.’
Katie Maynes (over on Instagram)