How to Create, Market and Sell Power Hours in Your Business


Your time is money, so don’t waste it on enquiries that will rarely lead to a new client.

My eBook, How to Create Power Hours, shows you how to transfer those ‘brain picking’ enquiries into paid for Power Hours.

What do I know? Good question. I’ve successfully marketed and sold Power Hours in my own business, and for some of my clients. I’ve also fully tested the process that I teach in this eBook, with those I mentor in my membership.

‘Like many, I was often giving my time to messages and DMs where people would ask for ‘quick’ advice, or I’d agree to a ‘five minute call’. As Catherine says, these things are never quick or five minutes and can really disrupt my day. I started to get aggrieved at the rudeness of people thinking I was a free encyclopedia, so this course was just what I needed.

Three months on, I’ve not given any advice for free but have instead sold eight Power Hours at £145 each and all from following the simple steps in Catherine’s course.’

(That’s an ROI of over £1000)

Sarah Willoughby

It works!

We’ve all had those emails / PMs that say ‘tell me what it is you do’‘I need a {whatever service you provide}, let’s chat’. You then spend time with that person only to find out, they either:

  1. Don’t need what you provide
  2. Want to actually sell you something, do a swap or worse still – become an Arbonne Hun
  3. Have zero idea why they think they need a your services
  4. Aren’t earning anything so can’t even afford you anyway
  5. Just want to ‘pick your brains’

In my easy to follow eBook I will show you how to sell an hour of your time to potential clients, and existing clients, so that you no longer have to keep giving away your time for free in the hope it turns into a paying client.

How many hours in total do you waste before you spend time with someone who is actually going to work with you? How do we differentiate who’s a good lead and who just wants a chat?

As well as showing you how to consider, develop, market and sell Power Hours, I also show you how to flip enquiries!

It’s £29, it’s yours for life and you’ll recoup that investment in no time – if you follow five steps:

  • Step one: Identifying your Power Hour subject
  • Step Two: How to price your Power Hour
  • Step Three: The problems your Power Hour solves
  • Step Four: Website content and marketing your Power Hour
  • Step Five: Flipping enquiries 

Plus, as a bonus, I’ve also included sections on how to prepare for your first Power Hour, because there will be one, and how to get into the mindset of knowing you are worth it!

I have just completed Catherine’s Power Hour course and cannot recommend it enough.

Catherine takes you through the process step by step, covering all aspects including what to offer, mindset and how to market it.

If this is something you would like to add to your services, then Catherine’s course will help you to achieve this.

Still not sure? I have sold not 1, but 2 Power Hours since completing the course! What are you waiting for?!

Lisa Porto

I implemented the advice from Catherine’s Power Hour eBook and within a week I had sold my first and was in talks to sell my second.

Chrissy Silva

Within hours of implementing Catherine’s advice from her Power Hour eBook I sold my first one! Which I have priced at £50.

Cerian Langdon

‘I’ve now sold 3 power hours at £75 each and had really good feedback’

Kellie Simpson