Got some downtime in your business during the Coronavirus pandemic? Do these:

If you have found that you’ve got time to twiddle your thumbs while everyone runs around in a panic, or worse – are poorly – because of COVID19 then I’ve got some things to keep you busy that will benefit your business when this nightmare is all over.

Update your website

Or not! If you’re okay with updating your website you’ll know what a rabbit warren it can be once you get started on making a few ‘tiny tweaks’. Seven hours later and you’ve not stopped, but you only seem to have added a new featured image to one blog post?

Why not sit down and pretend you are your customer. How easy is it to navigate around your website? How easy it is for someone to make a decision as to whether they want to work with you? How easy is it for a potential customer to get in touch?

As you’re going through the ‘customer journey’ make notes on what needs changing and then work through them one by one. Don’t go off on a tangent otherwise you’ll still be knee deep in it when the pandemic is over.

Audit your social media channels

Are they all working for you? Is your audience on all the ones you’re on? Is one really not converting and a drag of your time?

This week I decided I wasn’t going to spend much more time on my How to be a Virtual Assistant Instagram page. I know what to do over there; research hashtags, choose them well, engage with others who are using the hashtag, post,  blah, blah, blah, and it converts, but I just don’t have the time to be spending hours a day doing it. I enjoy LinkedIn much more, so I decided, for the time being, to put a post on Instagram to say ‘I’m off and this is where you can find me’.

Don’t be afraid to do that too. But don’t let any accounts just go quiet. Either close them down completely or make your last post / pinned post an explanation of where people can find you and why you’re not posting on there, otherwise people might think you’ve gone out of business.

Schedule content for the months ahead

Yes! Stop putting it off. It’s the perfect time to get ahead of yourself. It’s not insensitive to be marketing your business. Who benefits from you not marketing? Who benefits if you do market yourself?

Plus, don’t forget, regurgitation is not only okay in the animal kingdom, it’s fine for social media too. People may not have seen your brilliant tips and advice the first time, or they may have forgotten, so post them again and again and again. If someone is seeing every one of your posts and remembering when you last posted it then they’re not busy, and thus won’t have any money to spend with you anyway.

Review your messaging

As our businesses evolve it’s normal that our services do too. We add a bit here, take a bit off there, update our website, maybe LinkedIn too, and Twitter, but did you update Facebook last time you made a change to your services?

Now is a good time to check that your messaging is consistent across all your channels, especially your prices!

Learn something

As a VA I am lucky enough to learn new things all the time. Not only am I running a business, but I help others run theirs too. So I have knowledge in areas that most business owners don’t have time to even think about.

If you’ve found yourself with some downtime, it is a good opportunity to get to grips with that piece of software that will enhance your business, or that piece of software your VA usually deals with so you can step in and do it while you’re watching the pennies.

It’s always good to know every aspect of your business, so why not make that a priority right now?

Want to learn how to use Mailchimp so you can keep in touch with your audience, so they don’t forget you? My pre-recorded Mailchimp webinars are designed to take you from ‘WTF?’ to ‘Watch me fly!’

When you’re back on your feet, here’s all I can help you with: Services

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