Does your to-do list look like a seven-year-olds bedroom?

4.8 million people now work for themselves across the country, according to the Office for National Statistics. If you’re one of those you either love what you offer, are exceptionally good at it or more often than not, both.

Many self-employed business owners took the leap for a better way of living. Less push and pull on your time, no workplace politics or having to obtain permission to have time off (sounds rather ridiculous now doesn’t it).

Many too seek that work/life balance that everyone bangs on about (including me), but it’s not that easy when you find you don’t just have to do what you’re good at to build a successful business.

With so much work being done online, and a large chunk of your social community online too, it can be hard to differentiate between work and business and find time to ‘switch off’.

I know I struggle sometimes. There’s always something that triggers my mind and sets me off to do something in or on my business.

Right now, it’s Saturday 14:30 and I am squirreled up on the settee writing this. Well, it’s fresh in my head…

It’d be much better for me, and my family, if I could jot down some points and come back to it later, but I know my mind will be whizzing with ideas and I’ll forget come Monday and be focused on work that pays.

So, I’d be better off delegating. Delegating the jobs that don’t bring in the money, not because I don’t want to do them or because I am money orientated, but so I can aspire to achieve that balance or have more time to take on more paying clients.

If things are becoming too much it’s important to know when to ask for help!

Out of those 4.8million people now self-employed I bet you won’t have any trouble finding someone to do those ‘other’ tasks. So, if your to-do list is starting to look like a seven-year-olds bedroom it’s probably time you had a look for someone to help ease the load, so you’ve got more time to work in the business.

Go on, have a look.