Case study: How I saved a client £200 a month

Why choosing a Virtual Assistant with the right skills is important.

This case study is not about whether some people are better than others, it’s just to highlight the importance of choosing the right people for the job.

If you want your hair cut ready for a special occasion would you ask your 15 year old niece who’s been sweeping the local salon floor for a week, just because it’d be cheaper? Or, would you seek someone who can offer examples of their work is are fully competent to carry out the job?

I had the most wonderful opportunity to start working with a client last year and took over from their current Virtual Assistant who was moving on to pastures new. The handover was faultless, it was a real breeze to step into the fold and I soon took over all of the tasks the previous VA had been doing well:

  • ✓ Diary management
  • ✓ Inbox management
  • ✓ MailChimp report analysis
  • ✓ Reconciliation
  • ✓ Event organisation
  • ✓ Client liaison
  • ✓ WordPress website updates / content creation


Based on a six month period my client was paying the previous VA £756.43 a month, on average.

Over a later six month period my client has paid me an average of £547.80 a month.

That’s a saving of over £200 a month.

My client’s previous VA had provided invaluable support to the business started and without her it would not be the success it is today, but eventually the demands of the business and the demand for online services meant that new skills were needed on a day to day basis, skills which fall under my expertise and this is why the monthly expense has dramatically decreased.

What could you spend that extra £200 a month on?

  • ✓ Advertising
  • ✓ Marketing
  • ✓ Coaching
  • ✓ De-stressing massage
  • ✓ Day out with family
  • ✓ Lunch with your other half
  • ✓ A new car!


Much like you would when recruiting an employee, decide what tasks need doing and find the right VA (or indeed other freelancer) for the tasks based on their skills, not on their price or it could cost you more!