An Alternative to Paid Mailchimp

Are you on the edge of having to pay for your Mailchimp account since the new pricing structure came into effect?

Thinking of moving providers?

I’m not entirely sure it’s the best thing to do, especially not if you’ve been using Mailchimp for a while and have an engaged audience – i.e they’re receiving the emails, they’re opening them and you’re achieving the goals you’ve set for your newsletters / lead magnets.


Because you’ll have to start all over again and the recipients mailboxes will need to get used to a new sender, whether it be Aweber, Keap, ConvertKit, so you might find your once engaged audience starts to drop off.

And, did you know that Mailchimp are counting your cleaned and unsubscribed contacts as audience members! I know, cheeky, right?

So, if you’d quite like to stay with Mailchimp you can reduce your subscriber numbers by having a bit of a clean up.

Here’s how:

If your audience aren’t opening your emails or engaging, it *might* not be anything to do with your email marketing software, it might be that your content is a bit, how shall I put it, DULL and newslettery.

If you want a fresh pair of eyes on your newsletters then head here