Add value, save unsubscribes!

And no, I don’t mean give a discount.

The aim with newsletters is to get the blighters opened first and foremost.

Then, we want the recipient to read it and do whatever the call to action is in our newsletter. Whether that’s to buy something, read a blog or complete a survey (yawn).

How to get your newsletters opened

Write a subject line that grabs attention, one that makes someone want to find out what’s inside.

Which one of these would you be more likely to open?


How to create extra time without losing money

I’m going to take a guess at the second one, maybe neither if you’re busy, but the second one has more ooomph. The first one gives it away what’s inside – a massive yawn fest of self indulgent nonsense.

So, the trick to getting your newsletter recipients to open the newsletters is to make the subject line catchy and I explain more on this in my free download; ‘How to Write Newsletter Subject Headings That Get Opened’. Download your copy here.

Before we proceed… If your newsletters are getting opened then your subject headings are great. Unless of course lots of people are opening them and scrolling straight to ‘unsubscribe’, then it’s not so great.

If they’re doing that they may have got used to your newsletters being:

  • a) boring
  • b) too frequent

Of course some unsubscribes may have changed direction and no longer need your services, for whatever reason, so don’t worry about all of them, but if you’re getting lots, then we need to take action…


Give value.

Note I didn’t say ‘give an offer / discount’ just give value. Share some tips, share some experiences that your audience can relate to, share some advice, solve their frequently asked questions.

I send a newsletter once a fortnight from my mentoring business which gives tips on how to grow your business – all tried and tested – and these have a very low unsubscribe rate.

I don’t sell in the value newsletters, I link to a little bit about me and that’s it.

It shows my expertise and it starts the know, like and trust we need to foster to enable people to feel comfortable to invest in us.


Now, every so often you’re more than entitled to sell things via your newsletter.

Don’t hide it behind more value or a discount or an ‘added bonus’, simply sell whatever it is you want to sell and don’t mess about with the price.

If you start offering discounts you’ll attract people who can’t afford your full worth.

Again, the rule applies that you sell one thing! Trying to sell lots creates overwhelm and they’ll do nothing.

You will see unsubscribes from your sales emails, but that’s absolutely fine. You’re getting rid of the freeloaders. You really do not want people on your newsletter list who are just there to take, take, take and never actually invest in you. Anyone who’s building up to buying and getting to know you will be absolutely fine with you sharing how you make a living every so often.

Do not let the fear of losing people dictate your feast.

Call to action

Make sure every newsletter has a call to action. This might be ‘read my blog’ or ‘do this to change your life’ or ‘buy this’.

Whatever it is, make it easy. One click purchases can be created on WordPress websites using WooCommerce.

Make sure your newsletters aren’t too long winded and full of things for the recipient to do – everyone’s busy.

One call to action is enough. If there are too many it’s more likely they’ll do nothing except feel, you’ve guessed it, overwhelmed!

If you need any help with your newsletters, I’ll be here.

Ooh, and don’t forget to download my ‘How to Write Newsletter Subject Headings That Get Opened’ here.