A way to avoid doing your business admin

When you decided to take that journey to be your own boss, did you for one second appreciate the sheer scale of admin you have to do just to get by?

Even writing that ‘to-do’ list takes up half a day. Sadly, many people suffer from what is commonly referred to as:

 Delegation reluctance

  • It’ll be easier to do it myself?
  • I haven’t got time to train someone up.
  •  I don’t want anyone around me all day
  • I haven’t got anywhere to put them
  • I’d have to be nice all day
  • I’d have to share my biscuits!

 Jesting aside, these are actually all perfectly rational reasons why people are reluctant to delegate, but there’s a simple solution.

 Delegate for growth

 Almost there, just wanted to drum a little bit more in:

  •  While you’re doing the jobs you could outsource, who’s building the business?
  • Who’s following up leads?
  • Who’s never getting any down time?

 For the longevity of your business, you and personal relationships; you really should consider getting some help.

 The very simple, hassle-free solution: a virtual assistant

 Virtual assistants are more often than not former PA’s; with extensive experience of working in major companies, charities and organisations at executive & board level.

  •  We can organise an inbox bigger than Africa
  • Tidy paperwork the size of a small forest
  • Organise meetings up and down the country and still get you a lunch break
  • Get your invoices paid without having to resort to name calling
  • Build relationships with influential people and end relationships with those who, well…

 For a list of other tasks I can help with, visit my services page

What I don’t know, won’t take long to learn because it’s my area of expertise.


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 If you want to see how I can help you, do get in touch: catherine@delegatevirtualassistant.co.uk